Carolina Aponte



2006 – 2010: Concordia University, Montréal, Canada
BFA in Painting and Drawing.

2004 – 2005: Visual Arts Center, Montréal, Canada
Advanced Independent Drawing and Painting program.

2000 – 2003: John Abbott College, Montréal, Canada
Stidio Arts Degree.

International Art Residencies:

2012: Nida Art Colony, Residency Period – May to June 2012 in Nida, on The Curonian Spit,

2011: MoKS Art Residency Program, Residency Period – May & June 2011 in Mooste,

Performances, Interventions & Group Exhibitions:

2013: Griffintown – “Noircir-Blanchir la boite bleu”: 2nd Bell phonebooth to be
transformed in collaboration with Marouane Tlili, performance was held on November 23rd.

2013: Little Burgundy – “Le Palais de Glace de La Petite Bourgogne”:
Intervention/performance at a Bell Phonebooth in Little Burgundy on November 3rd. 1st Bell
phonebooth to be transformed in the South West of Montreal.

2013: Place du Canada – “100en1jour” festival (Oct. 5th in Montreal): Origamilitantisme
outdoor on-site installation at Place du Canada in collaboration with the festival 100
interventions in 1 day event.

2013: Place de la Paix – Pacifest festival 2013 (Sept. 21st in Montreal), Origamilitantisme
outdoor on-site installation in celebration of the day of Peace, invited by the organizations
Cercle de la Paix and Pacifest (NGO).

2013: Molson Park (July 13-14 in Montreal), Origamilitantisme outdoor on-site installation
in collaboration with Occupy le Coeur de l’ile and the documentary show “Les Nouveaux
Explorateurs” on Canal+ (France) avec Alexandra Leroux.

2013: “A nous la Ville!” (June 9th), Origamilitantisme outdoor performance in solidarity with
the organized walk around Villeray protesting the lack of social housing in this area of

2013: Hotel de Ville de Montreal (April 22nd), Origamilitantisme outdoor performance
protesting the still existing P6 bylaw in Montreal.

2009: Galerie Les Territoires (Belgo Building), Montréal, Canada. Art Matters Festival,
“Surface Tension”.

2009: Simone de Beauvoir Institute (Concordia University) ASFASA Special Projects;
“Issues in Identity, Gender and Sexuality”, Montréal, Canada.

2007: Galerie Circulaire, Montréal, Canada. Lithography Exhibition.

2003 and 2004: Galerie McClure, Montréal, Canada. Drawing and Painting Student Exhibition.

Solo Exhibitions:

2008: Galerie Espace, Montreal, Canada. “Introverted”, Drawing, Sculpture and Installation.

2006: Galerie Espace, Montreal, Canada. “Abrazo Mio”, Drawing and Painting

TV Documentary / Radio:

2013: “Les Nouveaux Explorateurs”: Montreal Megalopolis documentary on Canal+, Paris,
The show is scheduled to be aired in February 2014. Two Day filming of Origamilitantisme
work process, artistic approach and on-site installation at Molson Park in July 2013 protesting
the present by-law P6.

April 2013: (radio interview of collective Origamilitantisme)

October 2013:
together/ (short radio interview of collective Origamilitantisme)

Website Publications: (video)

Blog Publications:


2009: Indissociable: Fine Arts and Science (ASFASA 2009), “Issues in Identity, Gender &
Sexuality”, Again & Again p.16.

Artist Lectures:

2012: Nida Art Colony – artist talk a the residency during the Baltic and Nordic symposium
on International residencies, in Nida, Lithuania.

2011: Y Gallery – artist talk June 2011 in Tartu, Estonia.

Art Related Work Experience:

2010: Darling Foundry, Montréal, Canada. Part-time Gallery Assistant.

2010 – to the present: Private Drawing Instructor.

2008 – 2010: Galerie Le Royer, Montréal, Canada. Gallery Assistant; I was in charge of sales,
administrative work as well as organizing various events and exhibitions.

Volunteer Work:

2005: Part-time volunteer for Entraide Bénévole Métro, Montreal, Canada.

1998: Volunteer work in Bolaños, Mexico, organized by College Sainte-Marcelline. I was part
of a team of volunteers in charge of the artistic activities for children ages 3 to 14.

Spoken and written languages:

French / English / Spanish